Information Centric Networks (ICN)

Current network architecture was primarily built for point to point communication. IP address forms the backbone of internet’s hourglass architecture. Every host in the network is assigned an unique ID ( IP address ) with which it can be reached. Internet packets carry the source and destination IP addresses (communication endpoints) But networks have evolved … Continue reading Information Centric Networks (ICN)

5G: Core Architecture

This whitepaper explores the new 5G core architecture and how it solves the present-day problems of a closed framework through its programmability and service agility. It also delves into some of the use cases to see how other industry verticals are benefited by this new architecture thus creating new business models for the Service Providers. … Continue reading 5G: Core Architecture

5G: Network As A Service

Telecom operators are constantly striving to provide the best experience to their customers. Operators have been using SDN and Network as a Service models to maximize the data rates and efficiently manage the network by optimizing the routers and switches during the peak hour. Though operators maintain and manage a vast and complicated network, they … Continue reading 5G: Network As A Service

5G: Network Slicing

What is network slicing?                               Courtesy                                                        Courtesy: Take a look at the … Continue reading 5G: Network Slicing

5G: Evolution of mobile technology

5G is just around the corner!! And it promises to bring with it a host of exciting services and capabilities. We have a lot to write about the new 5G technology. But before that, let’s take a quick look at how the mobile communications has evolved over the past few decades.     Interval between … Continue reading 5G: Evolution of mobile technology