Kubernetes – A Primer

Why Container Orchestration? Docker provides a run time environment and helps us to run containers and build images. We have also seen the other advantages it brings in the earlier posts. But having said that, one of the main limitations is that it can run the container only on a single host. In a microservices … Continue reading Kubernetes – A Primer

Docker Internals

We discussed Containers in the previous post, how they are different and the advantages it has over Virtual Machines. In this post, we will see how containers became a reality and how Docker became an inevitable name in the world of containers.     Linux Cgroups Containers operate in isolation. This isolation is aided by … Continue reading Docker Internals

Containers – A Primer

The Problem How often have we seen ourselves running into issues when installing an application on host operating system? The application could be conflicting with other applications like they probably want the same port to operate or you probably want to try out installing multiple versions of the same software or it could be that … Continue reading Containers – A Primer