Kubernetes – A Primer

Why Container Orchestration? Docker provides a run time environment and helps us to run containers and build images. We have also seen the other advantages it brings in the earlier posts. But having said that, one of the main limitations is that it can run the container only on a single host. In a microservices … Continue reading Kubernetes – A Primer

6 Tips on delivering impactful demos

Demonstrations are one of the most powerful ways of truly showcasing the capabilities of your product. When done correctly, your customers will feel the impact the product will have in their business growth.   Over the past many years we have met numerous customers and demonstrated a variety of products and features. Based on our … Continue reading 6 Tips on delivering impactful demos

Information Centric Networks (ICN)

Current network architecture was primarily built for point to point communication. IP address forms the backbone of internet’s hourglass architecture. Every host in the network is assigned an unique ID ( IP address ) with which it can be reached. Internet packets carry the source and destination IP addresses (communication endpoints) But networks have evolved … Continue reading Information Centric Networks (ICN)

5G: Core Architecture

This whitepaper explores the new 5G core architecture and how it solves the present-day problems of a closed framework through its programmability and service agility. It also delves into some of the use cases to see how other industry verticals are benefited by this new architecture thus creating new business models for the Service Providers. … Continue reading 5G: Core Architecture

5G: Network As A Service

Telecom operators are constantly striving to provide the best experience to their customers. Operators have been using SDN and Network as a Service models to maximize the data rates and efficiently manage the network by optimizing the routers and switches during the peak hour. Though operators maintain and manage a vast and complicated network, they … Continue reading 5G: Network As A Service

5G Architecture

In the Evolution of Mobile technology , we discussed how 5G is being developed keeping in mind the various use cases. That is one of the reasons you will see why industry verticals like Automotive, Public Safety, Media Delivery, Rail Industry and many more are actively participating and influencing 3gpp and ETSI on the 5G … Continue reading 5G Architecture

5G: Network Slicing

What is network slicing?                               Courtesy http://keithsmarketingsite.com/                                                        Courtesy: https://jameswoo.net/diy-dry-box-how-to-make-a-dry-box Take a look at the … Continue reading 5G: Network Slicing

5G: Evolution of mobile technology

5G is just around the corner!! And it promises to bring with it a host of exciting services and capabilities. We have a lot to write about the new 5G technology. But before that, let’s take a quick look at how the mobile communications has evolved over the past few decades.     Interval between … Continue reading 5G: Evolution of mobile technology

Docker Internals

We discussed Containers in the previous post, how they are different and the advantages it has over Virtual Machines. In this post, we will see how containers became a reality and how Docker became an inevitable name in the world of containers.     Linux Cgroups Containers operate in isolation. This isolation is aided by … Continue reading Docker Internals

Containers – A Primer

The Problem How often have we seen ourselves running into issues when installing an application on host operating system? The application could be conflicting with other applications like they probably want the same port to operate or you probably want to try out installing multiple versions of the same software or it could be that … Continue reading Containers – A Primer